Eating Out

I wrote a restaurant column in the Financial Times Saturday supplement - 'the business' which appeared weekly for three years, until, in the summer of 2002 and to the sorrow of my bank balance, the magazineceased publication. Subsequently, most of the restaurants I visited during that time have also closed, changed names or chefs, gone bankrupt or become unfashionable. Some of my companions are now my employers, some are dead, others, notably the cocky actor, disappeared wthout trace and, apparently, is not the next big thing in screen heart throbs.

Nothing lasts for ever, though the columns are still fun to read and have stood the test of time better thanmost of the restaurants. They read like a diary of three years of my life - with salient details left out, of course.


Many of the articles published in this part of the website were previously published in The Financial Times 'the business' magazine in an abridged form. The Financial Times does not condone, support or otherwise endorse this material.

Miserable buggers.