Press 4 for Frustration
Thank you for calling John Lewis. If you know the extension number you require please key 1 followed by the extension number. If you require information about our trading hours for this week key 2
if you do not have a touth tone phone or wish to speek to an operator, please hold
transfering to an attendant.
GOod afternoon this is the Ivy
to make confirm or cancel a reservation please dial 1
for the private room please dial 2
to repeat these options please dial o
dial 1
for today's lunch time availabilty dial 1
to confirm or cancel a reservation dial 2
for all future resrvations dial 3
for the private room, dial 4
to repeat these options dial 0
dialed 1 plinky plonky music and then a voice on the line
do you have a table for today - no
thank you for calling Mezzo
at present all our receptionists are busy assisting other customers, please hold and your call will be answered very soon
for private dining and parties over twelve
thank you for calling pharmacy 150 noting
both the restaurant and bar are open from monday through to sunday
for our opening hours for lunch dinner and brunch at weekends and for reservfor parties over fourwe like a credit card confirmation
please be patient as our lines are extremely busy.
engaged 3 times British Gas service line
welcome to orange answer phone
you have one new message
main menu
to listen to your mesage press 1
to send a message press 2
to change your personal options press 3
You have one new messagefirst new message message received today at
to listen to the message againpress 1
to save your message press 2
to delete your message press 3
to send a copy message to another orange user press 5
message deleted
end of message
main menu
to review the deleted messages......
THank you for calling British gas
we are sorry
all our advisers are currently busy, you may prefer to try later. if you hold we will answer your call as soon as an adviser becomes available
all our agents are busy at the moment due to increased demand for our service
please try laterWelcome to British airways executive club
please chose from 1 of the following 3options
for an airmiles enquiry or to use your airmiles to pay for a booking pp 1
to speak to ba reservations deptp2
to s speak to the execustive club service ctr press 3
to hear these options again press 9
press 1 shrieking women
remember we can also arrange competitive accomodation around the world...

please listen carefully to the following options before making your choice
if you already have a booking order press 1
for flight prices seat avail or to make a new booking order
to use our telephone check-in line press 3
please make your selections now or to hear
if you wish to hear theseoptions again just press star
nsurance please
welcome to rac direct, if you have aa touch tone we can put you through to one of our advisors, if your enquiry is about
press one 1 on your phone now
for house insurance please press 2
for caravan insurance please press 3h
rac membersip press 4
new car quotation
to change or accept
to register a new claim
to change or renew an existing claim